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How to Submit has the unique distinction of being both a Star Trek fan fiction archive and a Star Trek fan fiction index. An archive hosts the stories on site or on their own webserver. An index maintains links referencing stories that are hosted off site or on the authors webserver.
Trek Writer's Guild is always accepting submissions. Whether you want the story hosted on our site, or just linked back to your own, we are happy to help out. It is our primary purpose. Sure, making up Star Trek Captions is fun, but we live for fan fiction!

We want to hear from you! What are you writing? Let us know! Its what we do, its what we're good at! We encourage and promote Star Trek fan fiction!

Submission has a few steps, and depends on how you wish your fan fiction stories to be hosted.

Host your fan fiction yourself on your own website.
Have host your fan fiction stories for you.

Host your fan fiction yourself

    If you plan to host your fan fiction stories yourself on your own website then all you need to do is Register with and establish a User & Author account. This will give you access to the Archive Update Tool and other useful tools that TWG provides for all authors.
    Once you are registered and have accessed your account you can begin creating Archive Entries with the easy Archive Update Tool. Make sure to properly reference your off site fan fiction with the correct URL or link.
    You may add as many Archive Entries as you need, but be aware that our Update Manager will space out activating them in the archive to provide more coverage for exposure, and avoid swamping the archive. Swamping the archive is actually bad for exposing new readers to your stories, and rude to other writers. We encourage you to post all your stories at once if you like, but we will manage activating them for their most effective exposure to our readership.

Have host your fan fiction

    If you would like to have your stories hosted by you need to Register with and establish a User & Author account.
    You can then begin using the Archive Update Tool to create Archive Entries for your stories.

    Now for a bit of legalise...

    Trek Writer's Guild accepts all submissions in good faith. and its staff cannot be held liable for any work that we post, and has the right to refuse any material it feels is harmful or malicious. and its staff will not act as arbitors in any dispute, over any matter. Posting, hosting and use of this website is a privilidge and is not to be abused.
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