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Star Trek Voyager Pre-Premiere Bible
Star Trek Voyager Pre-Premiere Bible
Voyager - Main Characters =>
Captain Janeway: A human, Janeway is by no means the only female Captain in Starfleet. But it is generally acknowledged that she is among the best - male or female. She embodies all that is exemplary about Starfleet officers: intelligent, thoughtful, perscpicuous, sensitive to the feelings of others, tough when she has to be, and not afraid to take chances. She has a gift for doing the completely unexpected which has bailed her out of more than one scrape.
The daughter of a mathematician mother and an astrophysicist father, Janeway was on a track for a career in science. Her natural leadership abilities manifested themselves quickly, however, and she was rapidly promoted to ever-more-responsible positions. And because of her hands-on experience in various science posts, she brings to her captaincy a greater familiarity with technology and science than any captain we've yet experienced.
Chakotay: The First Officer is a complex - some would say difficult - man. His background is unique: he spans two cultures, one foot in each, belonging to both and yet to neither. In the 22nd century, a group of Indian traditionalists became dissatisfied with the homogenization of humans that was occuring on Earth. Strongly motivated to preserve their cultural identity, they relocated to a remote planet near what has now become known as the Demilitarized Zone.
Chakotay is a member of that Indian nation. Always individualistic, what his people called a contrary, he broke from his people, educated himself in the ways of the 24th century, and attended Starfleet Academy. When he learned the Cardassians were attacking the Indians, he left Starfleet to defend them, joining the then-infant Maquis.
Chakotay practices the traditional rituals aboard Voyager. By the 24th century, Indians have developed a technology which allows them to experience vision quests in a completely safe way: they have mapped the unconscious and are comfortable roaming there.
Chakotay has a spirit guide - a timber wolf - which appears to him now in dreams and visions, and often guides him in his decision-making process. He strikes an immediate and powerful bond with Janeway, and an unusual one with Kim, who through Chakotay's example begins to question his own homogenization and the loss of his traditional values.
Doc Zimmerman: Doc is not really a person, but a holographic figure - an emergency medical program devised by Starfleet. When the ship's doctor is unavailable, or needs added assistance, he can callon the holographic physician.
The holodoctor appears as a human male and has been programmed with the most up-to-date medical knowledge; he is capable of treating any disease or injury. He has little personality when we first meet him, except for some testiness and arrogance. Subsequently, he will undergo some "tinkering" with his program in order to warm him up a bit - although not always with the desired results.
From the current Series Bible:
CAPTAIN ELIZABETH JANEWAY: A strong-willed, 40 year old Human female from Earth. The daughter of a mathematician and astronomer, she has always been into the "scientific" aspects of Starfleet and is a skilled scientist to boot. She's dedicated, competent and professional, and maintains an air of decorum at all times. She's also a brilliant officer. She served under Tom Paris' father many years ago.
CHAKOTAY: A Native American from the planet in TNG's "Journey's End". He is a former Lt. Commander in Starfleet who left because of his ideas and joined the Maquis. He is now the captain of the Maquis ship. He respects Janeway's ideals because she believes in the lives of her crew. When the Maquis ship is destroyed in the pilot, Janeway makes him her first officer so that the Maquis can integrate themselves into the crew. He doesn't like Tom Paris at all.
TOM PARIS: A human and former Starfleet officer who was court martialed after it was discovered he lied during a hearing. Soon after, he joined the Maquis (and was considered somewhat of a mercenary) and was captured by the Federation a year later and sentenced to a rehab colony. Janeway has him released from rehab to help locate the Maquis ship. His father, Admiral Paris of Starfleet, holds him in disdain. He is struggling with his own self-esteem and impresses Janeway enough to make him conn officer.
HARRY KIM: A 21 year old Asian graduate of Starfleet Academy who is on Voyager as his first posting to become the Ops officer. He's eager and cocky, yet Paris helps him out when Kim encounters an unusual situation on DS9. Kim represents the best Starfleet has to offer, without the experience to back it up.
TUVOK: The Vulcan Security Chief. A special agent with Starfleet Security, he's the Federation spy on the Maquis ship when it is catapulted to the other side of the galaxy. (The bible says he's the first black Vulcan we have ever seen.) He's 150 years old (looks 60 in human terms) and is the 24th century version of Hercule Poirot.
B'ELANNA TORRES: Half-human, half-Klingon woman who left the Starfleet Corps of Engineers after a stormy career because she could not balance the two sides of herself. She later joined the Maquis and served under Chakotay. She holds prejudice against Klingons, which makes her personality all the more volatile. She's extremely bright, though, and on Chakotay's suggestion she becomes the Chief Engineer.
AK-1/"DOC ZIMMERMAN": The doctor aboard Voyager... of a sort. The doctor dies, actually, so Janeway activates a new test device: the new Starfleet experimental medical hologram program. This program is a test designed to increase medical practice and "bedside manner". "Doc Zimmerman" can only be seen in the ship's single holodeck, and has no personality (though it will of course "Grow on him" as the show continues.)
NEELIK: A short, rather ugly junk trader from a distant part of the galaxy who enters Gazon space before Voyager arrives. Neelik is a whimsical man, a jack-of-all-trades who has a predilection for knowing the needs of someone before they do; at the end of the pilot, he pleads to stay and becomes the ship's cook (no replicators work!) and also vows to guide Janeway through this part of the galaxy.
KESS: A beautiful, ethereal Ocampa who has always been somewhat of a dreamer on her world and who now wishes to go along with the Voyager. The problem: the Ocampa have a nine-year lifespan. Kess is Neelik's lover; the two have a very alien but interesting relationship.
The show follows the adventures of the USS VOYAGER, a starship that is propelled into a distant corner of the galaxy by an alien space station. Initially searching for a vanished Maquis ship with a Starfleet spy aboard (Tuvok), the ship enters an unusual segment of space (called the Badlands) and jumps through subspace to enter the territory of the Gazons, a powerful alien race with many creches and sects (such as the Ogla and Sari sects). The pilot involves the crews of both ships joining forces to rescue two crewmembers and, then, the Ocampa race from the Gazons. The Maquis ship is destroyed, and the show begins as Voyager begins the long journey home...
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