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Welcome to 4.0
Trek Writer's Guild is proud to present yet another revolution in how you will promote, encourage and manage your library of Star Trek fan fiction.

With TWG Hosting Star Trek fan fiction authors will be free to express themselves fully, with thier own custom domain names or sub-domains. TWG Hosting cannot currently support domain email addresses.

TWG Hosting currently offers two different hosting plans.

Plan Type Duration Cost
Domain Hosting 1 year $10 (ten dollars)
Have your own domain name hosted by TWG's server.
Full FTP access
cgi support (perl and php)
25 meg soft limit
Sub-Domain Hosting 1 year $5 (five dollars)
Have your own subdomain name hosted by TWG's server.
Full FTP access
cgi support (perl and php)
25 meg soft limit

In order to qualify for TWG Hosting you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be a registered member of, and have agreed to the Terms of Service Agreement.
  • Your website must revolve around Star Trek fan fiction. We will not accept petitions from role playing groups, fan clubs, or personal home pages.
    The website must have Star Trek fan fiction openly available to the public to be considered.
    If you are an RPG or fan club that also has fan fiction, then you may create a dedicated fan fiction site that TWG will host for you.
    Trek Writer's Guild is about promoting and encouraging writing, not cheap and easy web hosting.
  • You must be patient and willing to wait for changes, updates or bug fixes that make take weeks. TWG Hosting is a volutnteer run service not designed to make money. We cannot afford to give this level of service away for free, but we also cannot afford to dedicate the amount of time and energy required to make immediate changes or respond instantly to all requests. Any demands or lines of discourse that reach an unreasonable level will result in account suspention or termination. We have no interest in being perfect, or making any silly promises about uptime, availability or response times. You are making a donation to recieve bare bones web hosting for a very low price.
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