Master Control Program 4.0
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please read everything carfully, you will be tested on this later
What type of account do you need to set up?
User only
    Full posting access to:
  • Forum: post notices or news, works in progress, requests for help
  • Captions: post funny captions to classic Trek moments
  • Email Lists: subscribe to TWG and member Series to receive email updates
  • Future 'Member Only' lock out events.

This is the option for anyone without fan fiction to post right away. You can create an Author Account at any later date.

User & Author
    In addition to the above, full access to:
  • TWG4.0 Archive Tools: Add, Edit, Turn On and Off archive entries under your discression.
  • Series Tools: Manage a continuing story arc or charecter/location set with Series Profile, Series Email Lists, and more to come...
    Only original crew creations with 3 or more stories posted to the TWG Archive qualify for Series status.

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