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   The Adventures of Argus
   Story Discussion: "Nuclear Time"
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posted 04/26/2008 06:52AM edit | reply
Visit my SeriesPage The Adventures of Argus

Trapped in Earth's past, Captain Lex and the surviving crew of the USS Defender must try to survive a nuclear holocaust that will kill millions while ensuring history runs its course. Back in the 24th Century, Commander Patel and the crew of the USS Argus investigate a three hundred year old ship that appears to be the source of a mysterious signal.
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posted 06/16/2008 6:25PM edit | reply

A fantastic story with a neat twist in the tale. Everything is not what it seems as the author side swipes the reader with a certain turn of events.

On top of which he sets up a few mysteries and question that continue in the future proferring interesting story arcs for characters and the series as a whole

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