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   The Adventures of Argus
   The Revised Argus
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posted 02/11/2008 8:44PM edit | reply

Just wondered Alex why it is you opted to revise your series? I remember reading years ago and enjoying the characters of Jono, K'Tare and Sara Parker.
With that said I have started to read the new versions and they are really well fleshed out and with Trial by Fire coming in at over 40,000 words a good qualty read.
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posted 02/25/2008 09:51AM edit | reply
Visit my SeriesPage The Adventures of Argus

Yeah, I'm revising the whole of the first season and giving everything else a new proofread and rework (some more extensively that others). Most of the reworked stories follow a similar plot to the originals, but as you are seeing with TBF lots of the details are changed.

I decided to do it simply because I felt that the quality of the early stories were having a negative impact on people reading the later ones.

There a new version of "Nuclear Time" waiting to be posted at the moment as soon as my proofreader and I have finished editing it. Hopefully that'll be in the next couple of weeks.
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posted 02/25/2008 5:23PM edit | reply

looking forward to the new Nuclear Time then

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