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   Special Thanks and Appreciation to Admiral Roland Rodriguez for the kind donation!
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That sounds like work.
posted 05/03/2013 7:52PM edit | reply
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Special Thanks and Appreciation to Admiral Roland Rodriguez for the kind donation!

This puts TWG at 28% of our 2013 goal!

We are still pegging our goal at $360, with $100 already in the bank!


First and foremost are the following ranks associated with donation level.
$100 - Admiral
$50 - Captain
$20 - Commander
$10 - Lieutenant
$5 - Ensign
$1 - Cadet
These ranks are honorary 'thank you's.

Ranks last for 1 year after donation.
We're also thrilled to announce we'll be accepting custom personal and series icons from Ensign or better level donation members! This is also the same level of donation for subdomain hosting.
(The Road to Refit will allow these icons to be uploaded directly into the system!)

Now, everyone should know what a remarkable control freak I am about these websites. We will happily accept custom icon suggestions and work closely with you to make them as high quality as possible. However, I will be very clear, crude pixilated PaintShop Pro icons will be redone and recreated in a professional manner. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D tools. Between Trek and myself, there isn't any graphic image we can't make look fabulous.

Several caveats for custom icons -

1. No photoshopped celebrities. Period. (People in general will be carefully reviewed for appropriateness.)

2. No non-Star Trek materials (B5, BSG, SW)

3. No animations. Those are annoying.

4. No FLASH, (see above)

5. Icons are 100wide by 75tall.

For the time being, if you have a custom icon, and you have made the appropriate donation level, please post your icon suggestion to the Knowledge is Power forum. We will contact you and discuss getting your icon activated from there. If you have zero artistic talent and would like to request a custom icon, please feel free to donate more money than the bare minimum. We have some wildly talented people floating around who may be inclined to help out if they are sufficiently motivated.
We are working to add more fun ideas and rewards as time goes on.
Please understand that while Trek Writer's Guild provides all of it services for free, we still have bills to pay to keep the site running.

Stories submitted with donations will receive priority treatment and be posted sooner.
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