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Captions for The Next Generation Image 74

"Thats right folks, for just 29.995 bars of latinum you can have this wonderful high tech RUone two desktop polishing droid, and if you act now we'll throw in a second RUone two unit PLUS...PLus this fabulous Romulan reneglizit for no extra charge.
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Help me build my own credit card! I want frequent flier light years, a low interest rate, and a picture of my wife on the card. Isn't she a vision of beauty?
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A: No, we don't want any Andorian porn! (turns to B) Are we really too poor to register for ad-free hailing frequencies?
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Uhm, why is R2D2ís head here?
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This bridge sucks. Human bridges are always so cool. They have all those wonderful computer monitors and blinking lights on consoles. All we get is this stupid silver globe; whatís up with that?
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Quark: "I hate space travel." Rom: "So did Gint, and you're no Gint." Quark: "Neither are you!" Rom: "No, but I look like he did, brother, don't I?"
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Who's Leg do ya have to hump to get a martini around here?
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Great, you forgot to pay the cable bill again! Now we have to watch PBS!
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